Celebrity Gist: Sensational Music Artiste Terrific Xmile TX Advices CEO and Fellow Entertainers (Read More)

By Jaytee Nov14,2023 #Terrific Xmile TX

Okafor Charles Chukwuka popularly known as Terrific Xmile (TX), has advised up and coming artistes on what to do when they finally get to the peak of their career, sharing useful tips on how to keep body and soul together as a star and best ways to maintain the new status.
While emphasizing on the need to be prudent in spending, the artist advised that as a star, flying First Class and Private Jet should not become the order of the day, because an artist ought to save for the ”rainy days”. He emphasized on the need to show respect to those in the business before the emerging act, making special reference to 2face Idibia whom he termed a legend.
He condemned the milieu of drug abuse among artists, urging them to desist from smoking marijuana, just in the name of trying to have a hit.
“It just doesn’t work like that. No one has ever made it by abusing drugs.
The Delta Based Artiste posted this on his WhatsApp Status on Tuesday. He tagged it ” Dear CEO’S / Ballers & Dear Entertainer.”
He Quote: Dear CEO’s/ Ballers
If an individual invites you to grace their event with
your support and presence, be kind in your
depositions. Weather positive or negative. Just be
kind. They find you worthy. that’s why you were
approached. Pride comes before a fall.
Some of these individuals are also ok in their
capacity. But chose to be humble. Don’t look down
on them. Try to be lenient and diplomatic. In all
you do try to be humble and kind. Thanks A <1 go
by d name T 2 D X>
Dear Entertainers.
CEOs are business people and are humans as well.
They worked hard to be where they are today. So if
They are supportive of your craft. Kindly make it
worth it. What is worth doing is worth doing well
Place high value in whatever you do. It mustn’t
be all about making profits. Let people have value
for what they paid for. Now everyone in my City is
hosting events. Same Ballers to grace your event.
Same content. a Haba. Make we try dey do the

By Jaytee

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