Singer, Wise Kenny features Solara, Boichase in new single ‘Don’t Know’

By Jaytee Oct24,2023 #Boichase #Solara #Wise Kenny

In a sensational musical collaboration, renowned artist Uhoka Chukwuebuka James, popularly known as Wise Kenny, has joined forces with the ethereal vocals of Solara and the poetic finesse of Boichase to release an enthralling new single titled “Don’t Know.”

Wise Kenny, a Nigerian rapper and singer hailing from Orlu, Imo state, has been making waves on the global stage despite being based in Scotland.

The song beautifully encapsulates the universal theme of embracing the unknown. Wise Kenny’s poignant lyrics reflect on the enigmatic nature of life’s path and the questions that often linger in our minds. Solara’s melodic chorus adds a sense of introspection and vulnerability, exploring the shadows of uncertainty, while Boichase’s eloquent poetry adds depth to the narrative, symbolizing the resilience to rise despite uncertainties.

In ‘Don’t Know’, the artists convey a powerful message that while life may present challenges and uncertainties, having steadfast companions in the journey makes all the difference. The evocative harmonies and emotive delivery underscore the importance of support and love in navigating the complexities of life.

The instrumentation complements the soul-stirring vocals, creating a musical tapestry that echoes the sentiments of the lyrics. This collaboration is not just a song; it’s an experience that leaves an indelible mark, resonating with anyone grappling with life’s uncertainties.

In a world where assurance is rare, Wise Kenny, Solara, and Boichase’s collaboration serves as a reminder of the strength of human connection, understanding, and the power of unity in conquering life’s ambiguities. “Don’t Know” is not only a hymn to resilience but also an anthem of solidarity and a masterpiece of musical artistry.

Wise Kenny’s return with this exceptional single has been confirmed by his PR representative, Tmaq, who stated, “Life will always be a roll of the dice, but you can only give it your best shot.” WiseKenny’s enduring presence in the music scene is undeniable, and “Don’t Know” is set to further solidify his position as a remarkable artist.

By Jaytee

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