Canadian-based African Artist Abel Maxwell Set To Perform At Afrofest Toronto Alongside Awilo Longomba And Alikiba

By YoungCeo Jul4,2024 #Abel Maxwell

Afrofest, Toronto’s premier celebration of African music, culture, and arts, is thrilled to announce award winning artiste Abel Maxwell as one of its headline performers for this year’s festival alongside other African music legends like Alikiba and Awilo Longomba. Abel Maxwell brings a unique blend of Afrobeat rhythms, soulful melodies, and captivating stage presence that promises an unforgettable experience for festival-goers. Blending his cultural influences with contemporary sounds to create music that resonates globally, his performances are renowned for their high energy, infectious beats, and a heartfelt connection to his roots.

Hailing from Togo, Abel Maxwell’s journey has been a thrilling tale of perseverance and vision. After landing in Canada via France with nothing but dreams and a voice, Abel Maxwell stayed the course as he gradually rose to international acclaim and built his career as an artist, public figure and executive.

With over five critically acclaimed albums to his name, Abel Maxwell’s leadership-driven music continues to inspire youths to believe in their power to effect change, shaping a brighter future for humanity. The impact of his music and outstanding contributions to the Canadian society and beyond have earned him numerous awards including the Hollywood best-selling author title, a UNESCO award for community involvement and the prestigious Order of La pléiade by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario.

“I am incredibly excited to be performing at Afrofest Toronto,” says Abel Maxwell. “It’s an honor to celebrate African culture and music in such a vibrant and diverse city like Toronto. I can’t wait to share my music and connect with the audience through a powerful and memorable musical experience.”

The Afrofest which is scheduled between the 5-7th of July at the Woodbine Park, Toronto is known for bringing together artists, musicians, and cultural enthusiasts from around the world. The festival serves as a platform to showcase the richness and diversity of African music, arts, and culture, attracting thousands of attendees each year.

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