Meet The CEO of S.B.T production – Sam Moses Terna (Baba Tee)

Born: —–Sam Moses Terna
State: —–Benue State North Central
Nationality —-Nigerian
Ethnicity —Tiv
Local Government:——— Ushongo
Gender:—— Male
Marital Status:——– Single
Alma mater (BSU)
Occupation — Filmmaker, music video director & cinematographer.
Year active –2012—present known for –founding S.B.T .production
Career Objectives:—— We take pride in being involved in the process all the way- from the client brief, developing a script, liaising with the client agreeing on a production schedule and delivery date.
Parents: Samuel Sam Ashwe (Father) Rosemary Mgbatuman (Mother)
Sam Baba Tee (Born Moses Terna Sam) is a Nigerian music Video director, filmmaker and cinematographer; He is the founder and CEO of S.B.T production,


A production company that specializes in the realms of the performing arts new media art, films, television, radio and video.
He is also the founder and the CEO of SBT CYPHER,





He was ranked 2nd Benue television Top and most visionary music video directors list in 2021 he was involved in an Eye Six One street dance show sponsored music video, He is currently shooting a documentary on child abuse. He directed 14 episodes of the TV series (OH! had I known) Baba Tee has directed music videos for recording artists within the state and across an array of genres and generations, including Jkobi, Noobvee, Danny Nyama, Maleeq-souls Paul Chris, and many Benue arts, in 2018 he shot the music video for (Boi Blessed) mixtape song Ma Sake, which was recorded by Blucock Studios,



Baba Tee has also shot a good Number of documentaries, TV commercials, short films and TV features.

Baba Tee was born into a family of six living a good life and he believed that someday he will be outstanding. As the fifth (5) child of his father, (Samuel .S. Ashwe) a retired police man, and a wonderful mum Rosemary Sam, a tailor.
He obtained his primary education from united Christian Nur/primary school Apapa Lagos, and later transferred to his home town, L.G.E.A. primary school Ge-mbagwa and his secondary education from Mbagwa community secondary school Lessel.
Baba Tee has sited (Steve spilberg, Hype,Williams ,Dj Tee, Akin alabi, Wudi Awa, Emperor Obino Olawa , Sesan ,Aje ,Ak 1, clearance .A. Peters, Unlimited L.A, Patrick Elis Adasa Cookey, Moe Musa and TG Omori as people he admires.



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