I Am Here To Change The Music space, Introducing Renowned Artist: Kayhandsome

By bebestic Aug12,2023 #Kayhandsome
We are thrilled to introduce a dynamic and versatile artist, Kayhandsome, whose remarkable journey in the world of music has captivated audiences across genres. Born Kolawole on February 7th, he is the eldest among four siblings, hailing from OWO local government in Ondo State.
Kayhandsome’s musical odyssey commenced within the realm of the church, eventually evolving into a professional pursuit in 2015. His passion for hip hop and R&B shines through in his numerous singles, each showcasing his artistic finesse and lyrical prowess.


A Computer Science graduate from Ibadan City Polytechnic, Kayhandsome made the extraordinary decision to decline multiple job offers upon his 2020 graduation. Opting for an exemption from NYSC, he embarked on a journey to elevate his musical career, solidifying his dedication to the craft.
Kayhandsome’s singles, including hits like “Hello bae,” “Akorede,” and “OBRIGADO,” have garnered him a fervent following. Collaborations with renowned producers like Voltron and Paul Cleverlee, as well as an exciting remix with portable on “OBRIGADO,” further showcase his commitment to innovation.


Although he currently lacks public photos, Kayhandsome’s vibrant presence is felt across social media platforms. Connect with him via or follow his Instagram (@Kayhandsome3), TikTok (@kayhandsome5), and Twitter (@Kayhandsome5).
As Kayhandsome continues to captivate hearts and minds with his music, audiences can eagerly anticipate his upcoming releases, ensuring that his melodious journey is far from over.

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