Sixty-Nine Records Announces Kunle Kuti’s New Anthem “Timirin”; Celebrates Love, Unity, and Overcoming Division

Sixty-Nine Records is thrilled to announce the release of “Timirin,” the latest single by afro-beat/afro-pop and crossover sensation Kunle Kuti.

This powerful track goes beyond a love song, serving as both a tender declaration of connection and a powerful anthem against racism and discrimination.  “Timirin,” which translates to “It Doesn’t Matter,” reflects Kunle’s message of **love, acceptance, and unity.

With captivating melodies, soulful vocals, and haunting guitar riffs, “Timirin” invites listeners on a journey of embracing differences and celebrating diversity. Rich layers of instrumentation and powerful vocals create a mesmerizing experience that resonates with all backgrounds.

Kunle Kuti masterfully crafts lyrics interpretable as a love song and a call to action The song encourages reflection on the importance of **unity in diversity** while standing strong against prejudice.

In a world increasingly divided, “Timirin” offers a timely reminder of the power of love and unity to overcome hate and intolerance. Kunle Kuti hopes this song inspires meaningful conversations and positive social change.

Stream “Timirin” HERE

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