Steady Okurame’s Biography

Steady Okurame is more than just a musician – he’s a soulful storyteller, a passionate minister of the gospel, and a beacon of hope for many. Originally from the vibrant city of Delta State, Nigeria, Steady now calls Sydney, Australia, home, where he resides with his loving family.

From the tender age of his upbringing in a devout Christian household, Steady’s heart beat to the rhythm of faith and melody, guided by the nurturing wisdom of his parents, Bishop Austin Okurame and Rev. Beauty Okurame. It was within this nurturing environment that Steady’s love for music and ministry began to flourish, laying the foundation for a remarkable journey ahead.
Drawing inspiration from a diverse tapestry of gospel and R&B influences, including the likes of Kirk Franklin, Deitrick Haddon, and Freke Umoh, Steady crafted a musical style uniquely his own. His compositions are distinguished by powerful melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and a vocal prowess that resonates with listeners on a profound level.
Throughout his musical odyssey, Steady has remained unwavering in his commitment to authenticity, using his art as a vehicle to inspire, uplift, and encourage. His songs, rooted in personal experiences and anchored by his unwavering faith, serve as a testament to the transformative power of God’s love.
In addition to his solo pursuits, Steady is an integral member of the acclaimed singing ensemble “Lucid Sound” in Australia and serves as a leader within the vibrant Christian community known as “The Gleaming Tribe.” His collaborative spirit extends beyond the stage, as he lends his talents as a director and producer to various musical endeavors.
Steady’s dedication to his craft and his unyielding faith have earned him recognition and admiration both locally and internationally. As a multi-instrumentalist and producer, he continues to push the boundaries of creativity, always seeking to innovate and inspire.
As he continues his musical journey, Steady remains steadfast in his mission to spread positivity, hope, and love through his songs and messages. With each new release, he endeavors to touch hearts and souls, reminding listeners of the beauty and power of trusting in God’s grace. He is happily married to Dr. Josephine Okurame, and together they are blessed with children

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