Author and Actor Aarica Dee Koliyah Releases New Children’s Book ‘God, Mama, Moonlight and Me’

By Jul25,2019

Aarica Dee Koliyah, also famous as Aarica Dee K, author of “The Mindful Betrayal and founder of ADK MEDIA Productions, is an actor whose roots came from the Ivory Coast/Liberia, West Africa. Her journey brought her to Rhode Island where she studied Theatre and finished a degree in English at the University of Rhode Island. Here is the place where her passion for writing & acting all started as well despite her family urging her to enter into a medical profession. Her inclination to the arts inspired her to further her craft and found a home in Atlanta, Georgia where she gained most of on screen and stage experiences.


She has graced various platforms with her talent including stage productions, films, indie commercial, as well as television. Her first book, “The Mindful Betrayal” can be found on amazon and in prints.

The Author, actor and entrepreneur Aarica Dee Koliyah has now added a new book to her literary repertoire and it’s titled “God, Mama, Moonlight and Me.

The latest release is a quintessential children’s book that aims to teach vital life lessons to young minds.


Aarica Dee Koliyah with a commendable career accomplishments in the United States. Having garnered critical acclaim from her previous book ‘The Mindful Betrayal’, Aarica Dee K has now released her newest book; ‘God, Mama, Moonlight and Me’, the riveting new book is full of intriguing pictures and an inspiring storyline.

Deemed a perfect bed-time read, the book offers a bevy of positive messages and important life lessons for young children. 

The inspiring new book shares the story of a little girl who is afraid of the dark during night time. Through the story of that little girl, author Aarica Dee K aims to teach children all across the world that dark is nothing to be afraid of, and faith in God is all it takes to be brave and happy in life.

In addition to her literary career, Aarica Dee K is also the founder of her own entertainment company ADK Media Productions. She is a seasoned actress with her career spanning various facets of the art form, including theater, film, indie commercials and even TV. 

A spokesperson for Aarica Dee Koliyah made an official press statement to discuss her work and announce the new book.

“ADK is now extremely happy to announce the release of her new children’s book. With her work, she is highly proactive about engaging her audiences in a positive narrative. Her hard work and resilience have paid off tremendously as she is now an established professional in the fields that she loves, including acting and writing.” 

Her latest publish “God, Mama, Moonlight and Me” and other books are available on amazon and in prints.

More details can be seen on ADK’s social media: Instagram/Twitter: @iam_aarica_dk


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