Skrudon Showcases Afro-Fusion Magic With “Oshokondo” Produced By Sbthaproducer

By hitmanuzy47 Dec15,2023 #Oshokondo #Skrudon

Enjoy a musical revelation as Skrudon, the Afro-fusion enthusiast, introduces the electrifying single “Oshokondo” produced by the exceptional SBTHAPRODUCER. Set to make waves, this track is a fusion of rhythmic beats and infectious melodies that promise to captivate audiences worldwide.

Skrudon, an artist on the rise, brings forth Oshokondo without the confines of a record label, allowing the music to speak for itself. The song transcends traditional genre boundaries, embodying the essence of Afro-fusion with a unique flair.

This is off his upcoming EP and it promises to be the perfect fit for your December playlist!

Skrudon invites you to follow the rhythmic pulse of Oshokondo and join the conversation on social media:

Instagram: @skru_don

Listen Here


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