Ric Coker – Jewel Gem EP

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Ric Coker - Jewel Gem EP
Ric Coker – Jewel Gem EP

The Nigerian music scene is buzzing with excitement as rising artist Godwin Eric Amede, professionally known as Ric Coker, unveils his latest EP, “Jewel Gem.” Hailing from the vibrant South-South region of Nigeria, this independent artist has been making waves with his unique sound and undeniable talent.

Ric Coker unveiled his much-awaited EP, “Jewel Gem.” This remarkable project showcases the artist’s versatility and creative genius, blending various genres to create a cohesive and captivating body of work. “Jewel Gem” serves as a testament to Ric Coker’s growth as an artist, as he fearlessly explores new musical territories and pushes boundaries.

The EP’s tracks transport listeners on an extraordinary musical journey, each one meticulously crafted to leave a lasting impact. With “Jewel Gem,” Ric Coker aims to captivate audiences both within Nigeria and beyond.

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