Empire Global Entertainment Unveils Deceptive Actions of Chimezie Chukwubuike AKA DeeJayChi

Edmonton, AB, Canada – On the unforgettable day of March 26, 2021, Empire Global Entertainment, known as “Emperor,” and headquartered in [headquarters location], sheds light on a series of distressing interactions with Mr. Chimezie Chukwubuike, also recognized as DeeJayChi. Emperor, a prominent player in the entertainment industry, aims to alert the public and media about the fraudulent activities perpetrated by Mr. Chukwubuike.
Emperor’s initial encounter with Mr. Chukwubuike occurred when he reached out to Emperor’s business line at +33 7 49 69 4660, introducing himself and expressing an interest in collaborating with the renowned entertainment company. However, Emperor, exercising caution due to past unfortunate experiences, responded that they were unfamiliar with Mr. Chukwubuike. Undeterred, Mr. Chukwubuike persisted, seeking details about Emperor’s entertainment business, and indicated his willingness to engage in future dealings.
Acknowledging the potential opportunity, Emperor expressed skepticism based on prior encounters with individuals associated with their label who allegedly embezzled funds. The individuals was identified as  Mr. DEMOLA ADEYENI OLUFOWOBI and  Mr. Omogbai Michael, also known as Rockwaider.. Emperor firmly decided not to pursue any association with Mr. Chukwubuike, citing his connection to Anthem and their reluctance to engage with anyone associated with such individuals.
Subsequently, Mr. Chukwubuike attempted to gain Emperor’s trust by offering assistance in recovering their previous losses. However, unbeknownst to Emperor, these gestures masked a well-orchestrated plot to defraud them. Mr. Chukwubuike proposed an extravagant showbiz event in Burundi, headlined by renowned Tanzanian artist Alikiba. To support his proposal, he presented a contract, later revealed to be fraudulent, as Alikiba’s management had no knowledge or involvement in the proposed show. Deceptively, Mr. Chukwubuike convinced Emperor to transfer $22,500, contrary to the initially agreed-upon sum of $12,500.
With mounting suspicions, Emperor meticulously documented all financial transactions made from their USD domiciliary account to Mr. Chukwubuike’s Canadian account. To ascertain the legitimacy of the proposed event, Emperor dispatched their manager to Burundi, who soon discovered the depths of Mr. Chukwubuike’s fraudulent activities. The venue and related expenses remained unpaid, compelling Emperor to send additional funds through Western Union, with attached receipts provided as evidence.
Not content with a single instance of fraud, Mr. Chukwubuike proceeded to deceive Emperor once more, collecting an additional $7,500 under the pretense of an initial contribution towards a Diamond Platinum show in Gambia. Regrettably, he failed to refund the amount to date. Recognizing the scam and the illegitimacy of these engagements, Emperor chose not to pursue any further involvement. Subsequent investigations revealed a trail of similar cases involving Mr. Chukwubuike, wherein innocent individuals fell victim to his deceptive schemes. Despite his claims, Mr. Chukwubuike never possessed the financial means to organize the shows he purportedly arranged, parading himself with A-list artists falsely attributed to his bookings.
Emperor possesses sworn testimonies from Mr. Chukwubuike’s other victims who are ready to come forward and share their experiences, further substantiating the extent of his fraudulent practices. Emperor urges the public, social media platforms and other entertainment moguls

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