Blueskytf | An Investment Platform with Mouthwatering ROI

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Blueskytf | An Investment Platform with Mouthwatering ROI
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What is
BlueSkyTF is a leading Investment Management company, which makes it easy for people in Nigeria to enjoy investments yields of up to 60% per annum on Fixed investments and to get loans up to ₦1,000,000.
How does works/ How to earn?
With Blueskytf Fixed Deposit, you can deposit at least ₦1,000 for 15days – 12 months and get your investment amount plus returns paid to your Account at maturity. Investment Plans
The minimum amount to invest is N1,000
Who is the CEO or Founder of
Aaron Ugbi, Blueskytf’s founder, president, and CEO, has over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry. After graduating from The University of South Africa (UNISA), he began his career with a large Wall Street firm as a stockbroker.
Little did he know that he would be solely judged and compensated not by doing the right thing for his clients but by selling his clients the highest-commissioned investment products.
Uncomfortable with the incentive to sell rather than advise, Aaron soon decided this way of doing business was not for him.
In 2018, Aaron founded Blueskytf as a better way to serve his clients and invest their hard-earned money, then in 2023, he decided to give back to the public by allowing them invest their hard-earned money through his website for a fixed ROI. Since then, Blueskytf has grown to be what it is today.
When was launched?
This is another important info you should know before joining a platform. Fortunately, Blueskytf was founded in 2018 by Aaron Ugbi our president and CEO, but came public in 2023 under the name and style Blueskytf Global Ltd.
How do I Register on
Step 1: To get started, first you need to create an account by clicking this link
(if you are a registered user, kindly proceed to step 2)
Step 2: To Invest/Fund your Account, click on this link to enter your investment amount, click Calculate to see how much you could earn and select your preferred duration
Step 3: Make payment via Paystack on the website to start earning Daily Returns on your funds till the maturity date.
Step 4: Click on Accessible Funds to Request for a Withdrawal on your Investment Maturity Date.
Video Guidance for Step 2
Follow the steps from this link to see how to invest/fund your account
Other Video Links
Follow the steps from this link to see how to add your account details
Follow the steps from this link to see how to update your name and phone number
To know more about Blueskytf. Kindly read about us at About Us
How  Can I Fund My Investment?
Once you create your BlueSkyTF account, tap the ‘Invest’ option, Select ‘Amount and Duration’, enter the amount you want to invest, complete your investment and you start to earn from your investment on BlueSkyTF daily.
Is legit?
• BlueSkyTF is a socially responsible company and does not invest in high risk financial instruments that are volatile and unstable. Investments through the BlueSkyTF website are in low risk securities with capital preservation as the ultimate goal.
Is scam?
• Blueskytf is duly registered with the Corporate Affair Commission and other financial management agencies in Nigeria to provide fund management services, we take the appropriate steps to ensure that your funds are safe and we are able to return them to you when you need them. We encourage you to also seek professional advice before investing your funds.
You can also give your review on the comment section. Withdrawal
• The minimum term for our Fixed Deposit is 15 days. Once your investment matures, it will be paid out to the account details you provided. You cannot withdraw from your Fixed investment until after it has matured.
Sign up for a 100% Free Account.
You can earn through the referral bonus.
Thank you for reading this Blueskytf review. Surely, you must have gotten a lot of amazing info.

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