NEH Partners with World Creativity and Innovation Week to Improve Entertainment and Technology in Nigeria

NEH Partners with World Creativity and Innovation Week to Improve Entertainment and Technology in Nigeria. The 15th – 21st of April is World Creativity and Innovation Week.
During this week every thing stands still in respect of Creativity and Innovation. The focus of this is to draw attention to the importance of Creativity and Innovation in creating Solutions and Enterprise.
This is a seven-day celebration of everyday creativity, leading up to WCID, a United Nations-recognized day of observance of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
Northern Entertainment Hub, is collaborating with WCIW to mark this celebration with two critical events. The focus of NEH for the 2023 WCIW celebration is Originality and Transformation with specific attention on Entertainment and Technology.
These two events have been specifically designed to focus on these areas, One is Virtual and the other Physical.
The Virtual event is titled MELANIN POP-UP: Let your originality show. Taking Place on the 20th of April, from 1 pm – 4 pm WAT.
This is a Creative enterprise session for Entertainers and Tech. professionals. The metaphor for the session is Melanin, which is regarded as the primary determinant of skin and hair color.
For us at NEH, melanin means authenticity, colors within, environment, history, and originality. To be creative and innovative is to be true to yourself and your environment.
What makes the Webinar a can’t – miss is that the lead discussants are some of the best in the field.
The second event and grand finale for the Week are the International Conference on Transformation through ENTERTAINMENT AND TECHNOLOGY. Taking place on the 21st of April, 10 am – 1 pm
The focus of this exclusive conference is on building sustainable platforms for Entertainers to adopt and deploy technology for greater transformational impact. This is inspired by some key events that have the capacity to change the entertainment and technology landscape such as the:
1. Copyright Act 2022
2. Start-Up Act 2022
3. National Council for Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship
4. Creative Industry Development Bill.
Entertainment and Technology remain the fastest-growing industry in the world today, and with this growth comes hyper-competitiveness.
To excel in the field, you need to up your game, with the right knowledge, and insight and most importantly join the right community that will guarantee access to better platforms. This is an opportunity to network and leverage expertise to improve your skills and expand your enterprise.
Opportunities and Platforms are springing up for Entertainers and Tech. Start-ups to do business with better facilities and Ecosystem Support.
It begins by joining the community, connecting, networking, and staying relevant.
Both events are FREE… Hurry up and Register Now by clicking the link:

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