Ketty Cole set to release his Juice EP

By bebestic Apr28,2023 #Juice #Ketty Cole

Meet Okafor Chidiebere Kenneth also known as Ketty Cole a Nigerian songwriter, recording, and performing artist who discovered his musical talent at the age of 15 years as a songwriter and by 2020 Ketty dropped his first single followed by a body of work “SATISFY” in 2021 he then relocated to Lagos Nigeria which gave him that much-needed confidence to go further about his music career, however, 2022 was a quiet year for Ketty Cole as he was busy working on a follow-up body of work “JUICE” which is now scheduled for release on 05/09/2023
Well, this album actually was inspired, by my daily experience, specifically my romantic ties, family deadlocks, and God’s grace, bringing all these pieces together and trying to tell an untold story felt surreal and a worthy challenge in my journey of making music, honestly, that’s a summary of my emotional attachment to the sound, but it was a wholesome experience in the process of bringing it to life.

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