WATCH VIDEO: Chris Brown Throws Woman’s Phone Into Crowd for Recording Herself

By Mar12,2023 #Chris Brown #Take You Down

American singer-songwriter Chris Brown recently became the talk of the internet after he threw a fan’s phone into the crowd while he was performing on the stage. The incident, which was first shared on TikTok, happened after Mr Brown invited the lucky fan to join him on stage during his concert performance of ‘Take You Down’.

The incident happened after Mr Brown invited the lucky fan to join him on stage during his concert performance of ‘Take You Down’.

A video going viral online showed Mr Brown dancing around the fan who was sitting on the stage but seemed more preoccupied with capturing the moment. Mr Brown was repeatedly seen taking the phone out of her hands and putting it away. However, as she continued to pose with it high in the air, the singer snatched the phone from her hands and threw it into the crowd.

“This lady is very disrespectful A whole Chris Brown brought you to stage and all you could do it be on your phone?” a user named McMaster wrote on Twitter while sharing the clip.

Watch the video below:

Since being shared, the clip has accumulated more than 425,000 views and thousands of likes and comments. While some internet users defended Mr Brown, others criticised the singer.

“Listen, I agree that sometimes we all need to be able to put our phones down and enjoy the moment… but that’s not Chris Brown’s or anyone else’s decision to make,” wrote one user. “It is impossible to defend chris brown he just keeps doing stuff,” said another.

However, a third user wrote, “Lowkey i see why Chris Brown threw the phone. U mean 2 tell me imma be up here performing my heart out, giving u the best that I got and u gonna be up here checking urself out in selfie cam. The disrespect?”

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One Twitterati also shared that the woman got her phone back at the end of the concert. “The girl who had her phone thrown into the audience by Chris Brown during Take Me Down because she wouldn’t put it away, got her phone back at the end of the night. We stan a happy ending,” the user said.

It is not clear what condition the phone was in after soaring through the air.

Meanwhile, the 33-year-old singer is no stranger when it comes to causing controversy. According to PageSix, Mr Brown made headlines last month for throwing a temper tantrum after losing a Grammy to Robert Glasper. Just a few weeks later, American singer-songwriter Chloe Bailey was also slammed for collaborating with Mr Brown given his long history of violence against women.


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