By bebestic Feb7,2023


The wait is over, Farmalert Media which is part of the Community Engagement arm of the Farmalert Brand is here with another exciting innovation. The Inner Silence, is a serial movie produced by Farmalert Media about a young blind Vetenarian Dr Sophia, whose passion for one health and the prevention of zoonotic disease outbreaks gets her caught in the web of a scandalous crime cover up, perpetrated by her Mentor Dr Byron.

This is a trilling story that continues to produce twists and turns as Dr Sophia fights for better animal health care in Nigeria as well as struggles to untangle herself from Dr Byrons Plans to ruin her good name. But like all good stories there is a shocking twist in the end.

Episode One introduces us to this thrilling, chilling masterpiece and is sure to get you hooked to see the next coming episodes untill the final fate of Dr Sophia is discovered.

Don’t miss this exciting series, as episode one airs today.
Episode two on 13th Feb. 2023


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