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On his new EP “Anonymous”, Willi confirms that he has found his sound and how he wants to be heard.The POP Afrofusion Artiste 
He describes the 6-track work of art as the beginning of an unknown journey and the emergence of an unknown entity.
“It is a journey that I have no idea how to go about or what to do along the way,” He says.
“While recording each song, I had no plan or direction in mind, I was just recording and letting the spirit lead as always.”
Below, Willi (Gboyega Fawole) talks us through Anonymous, track by track
*Here before*
“This song was a really big surprise for me. I know and I feel like I’ve been here before. I feel I’ve gone through this process before. Although the journey was and is still very stressful and frustrating it feels familiar. It’s basically about what I’ve been doing and going through and the reason why I was away for so long. I had to rediscover the *Greatest of all Time*.”
*When the time comes*
“This song was the only thing that gave me hope. It still gives me hope whenever I feel like giving up. I came up with the chorus while I was walking on the road out of frustration. I just wanted to run my mouth but I also wanted to say words and make sense. It was a song that made me emotional while listening to it after recording.
When the time comes I’ll take my position where I’m supposed to be.”
*Fefe ne fe*
“I recorded this song in 2020. It started as a break-up song, kind of a warning song to keep your woman but towards the middle of the song I changed my mind and decided to make it a love song because why not? Skeelz made the beat and sent it to me with about 20 other beats.”
“This means “rough play” in English. It’s Yoruba language. I recorded the song out of a groovy mood in Oberz’s house. The bassline came to my head first, that’s what started the song. Then I did the backup to accompany the beat. It’s just a cruise song.”
“I recorded this in early 2019 way before my first EP dropped. I held the song for some reason that is unknown to me. My spirit was unwilling. This was one of the songs that made me realize how I wanted to sound. The inspiration for this song came from the first two lines, something related was happening at the time.”
“I recorded Jaiyee in 2020 also. It has a continuation song called Mad Love. Jaiyee was caused by the whole 2020 situation. I just wanted to chop life basically without stress. The second verse says it all.”

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