Australian based Nigerian artist “Iyo” blasts INEC

By admin Feb 28, 2023 #Iyo

Australian based Nigerian Artist ‘Iyo’ on her twitter page criticizes the alleged ‘electoral fraud’ going on in the ongoing 2023 Nigerian Presidential elections.
In her words, “INEC are a bunch of clowns 🤡🤡.
Nigeria is a bloody circus.
Rigging done in broad daylight and we are all supposed to pretend as if it didn’t happen.
Those of you receiving 2 days’ reward for 8 years of suffering, may it not be well with you.”
She further talks about how the election was a waste of everyone’s time as it appears INEC already knew what they were going to do before the election.
Iyo is a Nigerian Artiste that has been in the music scene for over 8 years now and has always been an advocate for Justice and it’s not surprising she’s voicing out against them at this point.

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