GOSSIP: Federal Palace Casino gives away brand new Range Rover Evoque in “The Decider” Car Jackpot

By Jun24,2014

The Car Jackpot, in which two luxury cars courtesy Coscharis motors were on offer, has come to an end in a grand finale held on Saturday night at the Federal Palace Hotel & Casino.

The excitement of the night was accentuated by the constant jingle of the slot machines, the anticipation of all the casinos Most Valued Guests of winning a Jaguar XF or Range Rover Evogue and the count down to the final play off in the Decider Jackpot. Continue…


36 finalists, one Roulette Table, one spin, one winner! The well-choreographed final spin, accompanied by high anxiety had all the players on the edge of their seats as they willed the roulette ball to drop on their chosen number.


After what appeared to last a life time the ball dropped and Mr.Kareem Balogun let off an ecstatic scream as he began to comprehend that he was the winner.

In the final play of the Decider Jackpot, he now had to do just that, to choose either – #Jaguar XF or #RangeRoverEvoque as his prize, and he had only 10 seconds to do so.


As the clock ran down, Mr.Balogun torn between the two luxury vehicles on offer selected the Range Rover Evoque. But all was not done, in true casino spirit Mr. Balogun was given a “double or nothing offer”. Spin again and win both cars if your number comes up, if it does not you walk away with nothing.

Wow! What a decision to make. After much deliberation by Mr. Kareem Balogun and cajoling from the audience it was finally decided;

I am so excited with my win that I am not going to play further; I’ll accept my Jackpot Range Rover Evoque.


In what appeared to be an already exciting night for Mr. Kareem Balogun, Cosharis motors ltd, dealers of Jaguar Land Rover cars increased his excitement by offering him the amazing Jaguar F-Type as a compliment, to test drive for 24 hours.


Mr. Balogun was quoted as saying “When it comes to casino’s there is nothing to decide, the Federal Palace Hotel and Casino is simply the very best….you just win is so many ways.


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