By hitmanuzy47 Jun20,2024 #HODL #King DIGB

Nigerian rapper, songwriter, and performing artist, widely recognized as King DIGB, has recently unveiled his highly anticipated first release of the year. The talented rap music sensation has made a commitment to share three additional singles before the year comes to an end.

Additionally, King had tis to say about HODL on his socials: “HODL is a song that holds a special place in my heart. I wrote the lyrics during one of the most challenging periods of my life. At that time, it felt like nothing was working out for me, and I was overwhelmed by invasive and dark thoughts. However, there was one phrase that kept me going: ‘Hold On for Dear Life.’ I didn’t delve too deeply into the specifics of my struggles in the lyrics. Instead, I aimed to capture the essence of my emotions in a way that would resonate with listeners. HODL is more than just a song to me; it’s a message of resilience and the power of perseverance. I hope it offers comfort and strength to those who need it most”.

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