Backup Singer for Ruger and KCee, Kelechi Iloanya Relaunches K-Gorat Travels n Tours, Blending Music and Travel Expertise

Kelechi Iloanya, a distinguished professional from Imo State, proudly announces the relaunch of her travel business, K-Gorat Travels n Tours. With a rich background that spans across various sectors including music and aviation, Kelechi is set to bring unparalleled expertise and passion to the travel industry.

Kelechi, born on May 18, 1982, has had a diverse and illustrious career. Her journey in the workforce began with Checkport Security at the International Airport from 2007 to 2012. She then took her expertise to Dana Air, where she contributed significantly from 2012 to 2016. These roles laid a solid foundation in customer service and operations, which have been integral to her professional growth.

In 2018, Kelechi ventured into the music industry, showcasing her remarkable vocal talent. She joined KCee’s 5 Star Music label, captivating audiences with her exceptional voice. She also collaborated with prominent Nigerian artists like Blaq Jerzee, Klem, and Oxlade, cementing her status in the industry. Her hard work and talent ultimately led her to become Ruger’s vocalist in May 2024. Throughout her musical journey, Kelechi has performed in numerous African countries, immersing herself in diverse cultures and expanding her global outlook.

The experiences gained from her international travels and her professional engagements have inspired Kelechi to reignite her passion for travel and tourism. With the relaunch of K-Gorat Travels n Tours, she aims to offer bespoke travel experiences, leveraging her extensive network and deep understanding of both the travel and entertainment industries.

“K-Gorat Travels n Tours is not just a business; it is a dream realized,” said Kelechi. “My journey through different careers and travels has equipped me with unique insights and a profound appreciation for the diverse cultures and landscapes of Africa. I am excited to bring this wealth of experience to our clients, ensuring they have memorable and seamless travel experiences.”

K-Gorat Travels n Tours is a premier travel and tour company dedicated to creating unforgettable travel experiences. Founded by Kelechi Iloanya, the company combines a deep passion for travel with extensive industry expertise to offer personalized and high-quality travel services. Whether you are looking for adventure, relaxation, or cultural exploration, K-Gorat Travels n Tours is your trusted partner in discovering the world.

K-Gorat Travels n Tours will offer a range of services including personalized travel planning, tour packages, and exclusive experiences tailored to individual preferences. The company is dedicated to providing exceptional service, ensuring that every trip is a journey to remember.

For more information about K-Gorat Travels n Tours or to book your next adventure, please visit or contact our customer service at +234 815 399 1192/+234 818 888 1462

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