How Uto Entertainer is revolutionising African music

By Jaytee Mar15,2024 #Uto Entertainer


Fast rising musician, Uchenna Anyanwu aka Uto Entertainer is making waves in the music industry with his innovative approach to African music.

With his latest single, Hello, Uto Entertainer has rapidly gained prominence following the success of his body of work, Guy Like This featuring Reminisce. Having a wide acceptance and positive impact, his work has resonated with fans globally.

Uto’s musical journey is marked by his ability to break boundaries and explore new horizons. With Hello set for release, anticipation is high for what could be one of the year’s biggest hits.

Uto highlighted several challenges facing African musicians including the need for equal investment and improved infrastructure, stressing the significance of intellectual property in establishing a unique economy for African music.

Advising upcoming artistes, Uto emphasised seeing themselves as startups and investing in their creative assets. His insights reflect a deep understanding of the industry’s dynamics and the pathways to success for African artistes.

The artiste believes in the power of music to shape and influence global audiences. He attributes this to the exportation of African songs and culture, which have found a welcoming reception worldwide. His optimism for the future is palpable, with ambitions to be recognised as the Next Rated Artiste of the Year.

According to Prince Fredoo Perry, the singer’s Public Relations Officer, “Uto’s commitment to his art and his vision for African music are evident in his work and aspirations.”



By Jaytee

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