Ezinne Talks About Life and Music Career

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Ezinne is the only daughter of her parents in the middle of four male siblings. Two elder brothers and two younger brothers.


As a daughter loved by all, born and growing in the pool of beauty, Ezinne grew up going through nursery and primary school (chivik model school)and progressed in flying colours to and through her secondary school days at Holy family secondary school. Ezinne went ahead to develop herself as an economics educator at the University of uyo akwa ibom state Nigeria, where she obtained her Bsc in economics education. And she is also a bible scorer in salvation ministry iwobi port harcourt where is obtained a certificate in theology. Ezinne has also gone ahead to develop herself in several professional carder as the years come by.


Ezinne is and has been happily married to her lovely husband, and her marriage has been blessed with three beautiful children so far. Living in peace, love, and harmony with her wonderful family in india,asia,to date.


Ezinne has long and always been predicted to be a musician in the past, present, and future by all who have been privileged to share a habbiting space with her. Ezinne will always sing from the days of children gathering to the days of church choir, and in all social and family gatherings, she was privileged to sing as singing did not just define her personality but over the years was believed to be her addictive hobby by all that knew her till date.  Ezinne later decided to go a step further to turning this all believed hubby into a career as she could no more contain her space, cobbing her God’s given gift but to outburst. Even as she lives in India Asia, this said singing talent has always singled her out for glorious interpersonal recognitions and migrant social recognition as she lives and sings in India whenever she’s privileged to. Ezinne is no doubt a yet to see talent.

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