How to Share Windows XP wireless without any software

In this article we are going to explain to you how to share your internet connection from your Windows XP computer, if you have share internet on windows vista or windows 7 before you will know that it is more easy than sharing on windows XP after reading this article. Although there are difference ways of sharing Internet connecting through the wireless lan


There are some third party software that you can use to share internet but it is not really advisable to use them if you have what it cause to your computer.


Third-Party Software is not advisable for below reason:

– Using third party software uses a large amount of computer memory and it is complex. It slows down the computer speed

– If you are using any of the third party software on your computer, there maybe some issues with security and the privacy.


We will teach you the simplest and easy way to share internet connection on Windows XP computer via Wireless LAN


Below is the procedure on how to share windows XP internet using wireless lan

– First you will go to Control Panel and you will click on Network and Internet Connections then you will click on Network Connections.

– Right Click on the connection you are using as internet connection on the computer. Generally internet connection is always on Local Area Connection. Now you will right click on it and then select properties from the right click options.

– In this Local area connection properties window, you will click on Advance tab and check the box showing “Allow Other Network user to connect through this computer’s internet connection” and then click OK.

– You will now go back to the Network Connections and you will right click on “Wireless Network Connection” then click on Properties

– From the Wireless Network Connection Properties window you will click on “Wireless Networks” tab and check the box “Use Windows to Configure my network settings” and then click on “Add”

– After click on Add you will see another window that will be pop up, you can now type a network name in SSID field, You will have to mark Connect even if this network is not broadcasting

– Select the Network authentication as OPEN and the Data encryption as WEP (Type in the wireless password you like to use, it should between 5 to 13 strong character) and then click OK

– Now you will click on Wireless Network tab and you will see the wireless name you created

– Click on it and click “Advanced”.

– You will see a pop up window then click and select on the “Any Available Network (Access Point Preferred)” and now click close.

– Your network is now successfully created



* Go to Control Panel and click on Network and Internet Connections

* Click on Network Connections  and right click on Wireless Network Connection, then click to choose “View Available Wireless Networks

* Select the network from the list of shown name and click on Connect

* Enter the Security key that you used and then click Connect.

Anyone can now connect and use your internet connection now by searching for the wireless name you used and enter your password.

(Note: You will have to follow the last steps every time you restart your computer)


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