How to Share Windows 7 Wi-Fi Internet Connection with Android


As we all know that it is almost every laptop computer has it own Wireless adapter which allows user to connect laptop to the internet through a router. Normally you can share the internet connection from one laptop computer to another by creating ad-hoc network in Windows 7 and Windows 8. Thus you can turn your windows computer in a wireless hotspot to get your other computers connected to the internet without any wired set up and this AD HOC network does not support devices like android, but it work perfectly on computer.


In this article we going to teach you step by step ways to let it work for you android device.


You can share the wired internet connection from a computer which has wireless adapter through wireless, All you will need to do is create Wireless Hotspot in your windows computer and you will be able to connect other windows devices with that hotspot to share internet connection. It is an inbuilt feature of Windows 7 and windows 8 hence you don’t need any complected workaround.


Trying to connect any non-Windows device like Android will fail. Android device will not be able to detect that hotspot using its wireless network adapter, There are some software that overcome this barrier and allows you to share the internet connection from windows 7 to your android through the wireless. But the solution we have for you is just simple way.


You can share internet connection with Android Phones Using Virtual Router in Windows 7, unlike the inbuilt windows 7 wireless hotspot, this method will configure your computer to act as a virtual router to share it internet connection with all type of devices.


You can do this using a simple DOS Command, to run any DOS command in windows 7 you can go to the start menu and then type “cmd” at the start menu search box and right click on cmd from the list and click “Run as administrator


It will pop out the command prompt, then you will type in the following command and hit “Enter

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=SSIDName Key=YourWifiPassword keyusage=persistent

(Make sure to replace “SSIDNAME” with your preferred name and “YourWifiPassword” with your preferred password. Make sure that the password must be 8digits)


The above command configures the virtual router. Now you must turn on the hosted network. For you to turn on the hosted network you need to run the following command in the command prompt field

netsh wlan start hostednetwork


Now, close the command prompt and open windows run command box (Press Windows Key + R to open the Run command box)

* Type ncpa.cpl in the run command box and press ENTER key.

* The “Network Connections” control panel window opens. You can see a new adapter that has been created named “Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport Adapter“.

* You need to allow sharing the internet connection from the network adapter which you generally use to connect with internet at your main computer.

(For example if you are connected to internet with LAN, then you will have to right click on the LAN adapter, from the “Network Connections” window and select “properties”).

* At the network connection properties window, head to the Sharing Tab and check the box labeled as Allow other users to connect through this computer’s internet connection.

* Press OK after selecting it to allow it share internet then it will closed.


Now you are done and you can share the internet with any devices, it will allow you connect your android phones and other devices. When you turn on your android’s wireless you will see the SSID in the available network connections list, select it and type in the password of your hotspot.


Now you can surf the internet on your android.


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