How to fix Android Touch Screen Problem

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As we all know that nowadays touchscreen phones are the trending phone especially Android OS phones which is one of the top selling phone in the global market.


Android phones users this day are facing touch screen problem and this happen to tecno phone users mostly.


But after going through this article and below steps it might help you solve the problem

* Restart the Android Phone –

It is good idea to restart the phone if you are trying to resolve screen touch problem, because managing of application can make the phone screen unresponsive most times and even the locking also do. For you to resolve this problem you will have to switch off the android phone by holding the power button for at least 10 seconds until you see the screen blank. After doing this you will leave the phone for 5-10mins and you can now power it on again using the power button.


* Remove your Android Phone Memory Card with the Sim Card –

At times it is more advice-able  to remove your memory card and also sim card from the phone after you have shut down the android phone. If possible that the android phone have removable battery you can remove it as well.


* Remove the Cases if it is Removable –

Using cases is good way of protecting your android device so it will safe it from been scratched or damage. As it protect the phone, it also allow the screen automatic sleep and wake feature which can also cause damage/harm to the device and this may lead to malfunction of the touchscreen. So it is good idea to remove all the cases that is attached to the android device and you can restart it after removing it.


* Do Hard Reset or Format the Android Device

If the touchscreen problem is more than what you expected or you see that you can not operate the device at all and you have tried above steps and it did not solve the problem, then you will need to do hard reset for the android device so it can return to the original factory settings. You can easy do the hard reset by doing the followings:

– You need to hold the volume up and down button of the android phone together with the power button. you have to hold this three buttons continuously until the android phone boots to the recovery mode section

– Immediately the phone boot to the recovery mode section you will now perform the factory reset of the phone. Then restart the android device.

– After restarting it will return to the factory settings (as if you just buy it new)


* Knock the Android Phone Touch Screen

This step is not must because it may cause harm to the android phone or even break the screen if not careful. But I will advice you to be careful when doing this step, you need to remove the screen protector (if applied) and then hold the device and knock the four edge softly so it can re-align it


This should you help solve the touch screen problem, Kindly share this with friend if you find it useful, and also leave your comment!


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