How to Create Ad Hoc Wireless Network in Windows 7

In this article/tutorial we will explain and teach you how to create Ad Hoc wireless on windows 7 and also it help you to share files within computers


How to Create Ad Hoc Wireless Network in Windows 7

– Press Window button on your keyboard, you will see a start menu, then type in wireless and you will see list of items similar to wireless, you will have to click on “Manage Wireless Networks” from the list shown.

– It will open to a window and you will look on the window and click on Add button and then click it

– You will have to click on “Create an Ad Hoc Network“.

– It will pop up a window showing where you will see message about Ad Hoc Network, Click on Next

– After click on next you will see a pop out window which will show blank fields. You will have to type in the desire name you want to use for the wireless (network name) and the security type (you can choose Wep) and then you will the password you want to use (Security key field).

– Click on save so that you have keep the profile save and if it just a time use you may not need to save it.

– You will receive a notification immediately you click on Save showing Network has been created successfully and is ready to be use. Now the wireless is ready to be share using Ad-Hoc


You will have to confirm is the Ad Hoc profile is successfully created by scrolling to the task bar and click on the wireless icon after clicking that you will see that name of wireless that you created and it will showing waiting for users (if it does not show that you will click on it and then click on connect so it can show you waiting for users).

Whenever is shows waiting for users then it is ready for users (other computer) to connect through it and right click  it and click on option and then connect to the network. When other computer enter the password you choose for the name network name you created, it will show on your computer as connected.


This Ad Hoc can be use to share Internet and file between computers, you can do that by following the below steps

* Press Window button on your keyboard, type of Network Connections and Press Enter, it will open direct to network connections window.

* Look for the name of Ad Hoc you created among profile name you see and then right click on it and select properties

* Click on Sharing tab and select on Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection to mark it and also mark the second showing Allow other network users to control or disable shared internet connection and then click Ok

* You need to click on Advance and select the below image option so you can be able to share file


Now the computer is ready, and you can now share internet and also file.


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